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Vermont Chevon

Danville Vermont

Chevon, tender, succulent with the rich flavor of grass-fed beef, is the most popular red meat in the world. Realizing the culinary possibilities and the health benefits of this protein source, some of America’s best chefs are creating inspired chevon dishes for their menus. Vermont dairy goat farms have an international reputation for producing superb milk and cheese. This success resulted in a surplus of high-quality livestock that was not being used as a food source. We recognized the potential of added value and sustainability for our state’s dairy goat farms.



We are dedicated to careful and responsible resource management. From the nutrient rich land that sustains the herd, to the dedicated families who raise our product with care, we seek to protect and nurture a thriving sustainable industry through cooperative efforts with our farms.


Vermont Chevon’s commitment to the goat meat industry focuses on maintaining high agricultural standards that raise animals humanely, respects the land, and insures a sustainable source of chevon for chefs, butchers and consumers.

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