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Northeast Family Farms is about creating a supply chain between the farmer and the chef.

For many local communities this may be the only way to preserve the rural landscape, enhance economic development, and enable current and future generations to stay on the farm, caring for their land and livestock.

Locally Raised

Our foods are purchased directly from small-to-medium sized family-run farms throughout the Northeast. We pay a premium for all beef, lamb, veal, pork, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products from our farm partners. Our commitment is to provide these locally-raised products in a manner that compliments their menu or retail store applications.

Click "The Farmgate" above for a list of current Northeast Family Farms.



At Northeast Family Farms we are striving to build more farming families, local independent processors, and chefs throughout the Northeast into this important infrastructure that is critical to the survival of an efficient farm-to-plate relationship. We are currently seeking partners throughout the Northeast culinary community who are willing to participate in the mission to sustain viable local farming communities by making a commitment to purchase these locally raised and harvested foods, and feature these delicious products on their menus. We are also looking for family farm markets and retailers within the Northeast to make these locally raised foods available to the people in their community.

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