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White Clover Sheep Farm

Rushville New York

“All flesh is grass,” Isaiah 40,6. White Clover Sheep Farm’s 100 acres are located in the Western Fingerlakes area near Canandaigua Lake in Yates County, NY. It is owned and managed by Ulf Kintzel. Ulf is a native of Germany and has been in the sheep farming business for more than 20 years. He runs about 200 Percentage White Dorper ewes and intends to increase his flock to about 350 to 400 ewes.

The farm is entirely in pasture. He specializes in finishing lambs on grass, legumes and herbs. It creates a truly superior eating experience and produces a healthy meat as well.All the lambs are guaranteed to be hormone and antibiotic free. In addition, the White Dorper sheep Ulf 

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raises are milder in flavor than most wool breeds and won’t even remotely remind you of mutton. These lambs are purebred dorper breed, and yield small very tender and flavorful cuts.  The sheep are raised on 100% grass in upstate NY by the Kintzel family, who have been farming on his land for over 20 years.  The lamb carcasses range are roughly 40#, and each of the cuts are somewhat smaller than traditional domestic lamb.

The Kintzels are their own best customers: Ulf’s wife Barbara and their three children Sarah, Johann and Lech love to eat lamb chops and meat loaf made from ground lamb.

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