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Misty Knoll Farm

New Haven Vermont

The Misty Knoll Farm is a family owned and operated farm devoted to producing the finest range poultry and poultry products. As stewards of the Vermont countryside, we treat our farm as a precious irreplaceable natural resource.  Therefore, we follow farming practices that ensure our crop land and pastures will be productive for future generations of Vermonters.


We have our own on-site, U.S.D.A inspected processing facility where all of our processing and grading is done by hand.  This process ensures you that only the finest birds are offered for sale, while providing jobs for people, not machines.



Naturally-Raised Chickens

Delectable chicken dishes depend on succulent, flavorful birds. At Misty Knoll Farms, our chickens are free to roam throughout our spacious, specially designed chicken houses, with access to abundant feed, water and fresh air. As a result of this clean, stress-free environment, our birds are healthier and better tasting. Processed fresh each week, ranging from 3-5 pounds. Whole chickens and associated cuts are available year around


Free-Range Turkeys

We start our turkeys in a large brooder house, sheltered from the elements, until they are capable of withstanding Vermont's cool nights. Then the flocks are moved to open barns with free access to lush pasture, sunlight, wholesome feed and fresh water. Allowed to grow naturally to size, our turkeys are robust and meatier. Available fresh September to December, ranging from 10-35 pounds. Frozen whole turkeys and associated cuts available the remainder of the year. Free-range birds live and grow, and thrive in our famous Vermont clean air.


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