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Lucki 7 Livestock Company

Rodman New York


Northeast Pasture-Raised Antibiotic-Free Pork

The Lucki 7 Livestock Company was founded by Stephen and Lisa Winkler in 1997, with the goal of providing their family of seven with homegrown produce, meat, poultry, and eggs. The Winkler’s also wanted to care for the land and improve their 320 acres of pasture in Northern New York. Along the way, Steve helped neighboring farms do the same and developed a network of small family farms that raise 100% vegetarian-fed Duroc pigs, without the use of crates or cages, antibiotics, or added hormones. Lucki 7 pigs are raised on lush green pastures and in open deeply-bedded barns, which allow pigs to move about freely, socialize, and express natural behaviors such as rooting and foraging.

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"It's a satisfying feeling to know that we have a quality partner in Dole & Bailey, and the NEFF program. Dole & Bailey understands farm sustainability. It is a very important relationship, not only to our small family farm, but to all of agriculture in the North East."

Stephen Winkler

Lucki 7 Liverstock Co

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