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Lucki 7 Livestock Company

Rodman New York


Northeast Pasture-Raised Antibiotic-Free Pork

The Lucki 7 Livestock Company was started by Stephen and Lisa Winkler in 1997. Stephen, the day to day farm manager, wanted to produce all his own food and be able to control what his family of 5 children would be consuming. Along with producing a healthy food supply for his family, and now others, the couple wanted to care for the land and make it a better place than when they first purchased their 320 acres.

The pigs are 100% free from animal proteins (with the exception of mother's milk), antibiotics and added hormones. The pigs are free to come and go outside on lush green pasture or inside Lucki 7 Livestock Company in deeply bedded pens. Lucki 7 used old fashion breeds like Berkshire, Gloucester Old Spot and Duroc to create a higher quality product known for flavor and juiciness and to keep the old breeds in existence.

The farm is located in northern New York at the base of Lake Ontario. This region is known for its fertile soils and benefits to agriculture. The climate and adequate moisture is an excellent match for the many farms in the area.

"It's a satisfying feeling to know that we have a quality partner in Dole & Bailey, and the NEFF program. Dole & Bailey understands farm sustainability. It is a very important relationship, not only to our small family farm, but to all of agriculture in the North East."

Stephen Winkler

Lucki 7 Liverstock Co