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Local Dairy

A Centuries-Old Commitment to Quality

Cheesemaking is not a new art in New England. In the 1620's the earliest settlers of Plymouth Plantation brought the tools and skills needed to make cheese, with them from England to America. Throughout the history of New England, the cheese industry has grown. Recently, a new interest in artisanal cheesemaking has led to a renaissance in farmhouse cheesemaking.

Dotted throughout the New England landscape are local farms and  artisinal cheese makers  who work closely with Northeast Family Farms.  


  • Arethusa 

  • Calabro

  • Cato Corner 

  • Mystic Cheese Co.

  • PIneland

  • Silvery Moon


  • Cricket Creek 

  • Great Hill Dairy

  • Grey Barn

  • High Lawn (milk/yogurt)

  • Shy Brothers

  • Smith Country

  • Valley View Farm

  • Westfield Farm

New Hampshire
  • Boggy Meadow Creamery

  • Landaff Creamery

  • North Country

New York
  • First Light

  • Nettle Meadow 

  • Old Chatham Sheepherding

  • Yancey’s Fancy

Rhode Island
  • Narragansett Creamery

  • Blythedale 

  • Cabot Creamery

  • Cobb Hill

  • Consider Bardwell

  • Grafton Village

  • Jasper Hill 

  • Lazy Lady 

  • Maplebrook 

  • Mckenzie

  • Plymouth Artisan

  • Scholten

  • Shelburne 

  • Spring Brook 

  • Sweet Rowan

  • Taylor Farm

  • Twig Farm

  • Vermont Creamery

  • Vermont Farmstead

  • Von Trapp Creamery