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Chaljerie Farm

Callicoon, Hankins, and Fremont, New York


The CHALJERIE cattle are raised without hormones and  graze on lands in Callicoon, Hankins, and Fremont, New York that are pesticide free. They employ holistic planned grazing to prevent overgrazing and to ensure the maximum efficiency in water, nutrient and energy cycling.

“ Our cattle are moved from one paddock to another as frequently as once or twice a day to ensure the quality of feed available to them and to also provide adequate time for the grass to recover before being grazed again. The result is more diversity in the pasture, better health and condition of cows, plenty of grass to share with wildlife, and a significantly longer grazing season.” 

One of the divisions at Rich's firm develops and finances solar facilities. They have installed a solar array in Callicoon that makes the entire Chaljeri Meats enterprise grid neutral. Chris + Ali are excited to be building the Grass Fed beef operation and working to deliver local, healthy meat to the community!

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