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Rosenkrans Farm

Seneca Falls New York

Rosenkrans’ family of farms are located at the North End of Cayuga Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region, where a unique micro-climate and glacial mineral deposits foster a rich selection of grains, plants and grasses for feed, and clean, clear water throughout the growing season. To preserve these riches, they focus their efforts on protecting waterways and pastures through aggressive agricultural management. They manage their animals and land to the highest standards. They are


 actively involved in the New York Beef Quality Assurance Program, and have also received animal welfare certification.


The beef offered by Rosenkrans Farms is of exceptional quality, tender, with a high degree of marbling and complex flavors born of the fine genetics and the richness of the grazing environment. The cattle they raise are both registered Angus and Hereford pure breeds, and best-of-breed commercial crosses. Their diet consists of locally sourced grain and forage, and they graze wherever pasture is available.


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