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Hathaway Farm

Rutland Vermont

A 3rd generation farm located in the southern Champlain Valley about 15 miles from Killington Peak.  The farm has been operated by the Hathaway family since 1942 when it was purchased by Byron and Roxie Hathaway.  A dairy farm until 1986 and known for their registered Holstein dairy cattle, Byron and Roxie received a variety of conservation and production awards.  After selling the dairy herd, their son Byron and his wife Irene began a small beef herd with 2 purchased calves in 1987.  Upon returning from college, BJ (the third generation) began finishing cattle and selling the beef at the local farmers' market.  The herd has since grown and now consists of 25 cow calf pairs as well as 50-75 Angus and Hereford feeder cattle and encompasses almost 300 acres of owned and rented land.  The farm currently produces 100% of its own feed including grass and corn silage, shelled corn and dry hay for its cattle.  Hathaway Farm is proud to offer all natural beef produced with pride and are sure that you will be able to taste the homegrown difference! 



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