Blackberry Rock Farm

East Ryegate, VT

Ed Jackson practices what he preaches. As a Market Development specialist with the Vermont Department of Agriculture, he helps farmers develop markets for their products. He puts his personal skills to use Blackberry Rock Farm on his own farm that includes 130 ewes, 25 pigs, and 20 brood cows for pasture-raised veal and Northeast Artisan Beef. Ed began farming in Pennsylvania on his parents' 19-acre "hobby" farm, and then on his grandparents' dairy farm.

He soon sought out his own opportunities and earned an undergraduate degree in animal science. Running his own farm for 17 years, he enjoys farming as well as helping other farmers. The 110 acres Blackberry Rock Farm that Ed farms lie on the western slope of the Connecticut River Valley.

Ed works the farm with his wife Jane, with some assistance from their children Anna and Anthony. They raise purebred Angus cattle for quality and consistency.

The Jackson's take pride in producing cattle grown the way nature intended and cordially invite you to experience the quality and consistency of their beef.

Hayward Farm

Derby, VT

Through much of his life, Dick Del Favaro was always a "farmer without a farm." As a "4-H'er" kid he raised pigs, laying hens, and as many as 300 broiler chickens. He went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in agriculture-related fields. Then after a successful career dramatically growing a family business, in 1989 he purchased a defunct dairy farm and began to raise beef. Now, with 350 acres and 80 brood cows to manage for production of Northeast Artisan Beef, and forage crops to harvest for his farm and neighboring dairy farmers, his dream has come true. He finally has his farm!

Dick's farm is in the very upper reaches of the Connecticut River Valley, near the source of the Clyde River, a few miles from Canada. His granddaughter, Julia, is now working towards an undergraduate animal science degree. He hopes she won't have to wait as long as he did to be a "farmer with a farm."

Stephen Brown

Pomfret, VT

Stephen raises Angus and Hereford cattle, calving about 25 each year. The herd is managed using intensive rotational grazing and are offered a fresh paddock almost every day. His grandchildren ( ages 6 and 7) help with the weighing and tagging of the newborns and often roam the pastures trying to pet the calves. The terrain of the farm is rolling. Water for livestock is supplied on pasture in moveable tubs from brook or spring sources.