Robie Farm Cheeses
Robie Farm

Great Cheeses of New England

A Centuries-Old Commitment to Quality

Cheesemaking is not a new art in New England. In the 1620's the earliest settlers of Plymouth Plantation brought the tools and skills needed to make cheese, with them from England to America. Throughout the history of New England, the cheese industry has grown. Recently, a new interest in artisanal cheesemaking has led to a renaissance in farmhouse cheesemaking.

Dotted throughout the New England landscape are local farms and cheese companies committed to their products and their communities. These companies have traditional values and maintain a link to the farmers providing the milk for their cheese.

It is this commitment to quality that creates the delicious cheeses we know as The Great Cheeses of New England.


Calabro Cheese Corporation
Cato Corner Farm, LLC
Rustling Wind Creamery
Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm


Beryl Marton and Company, Inc.
Silvery Moon Creamery at Smiling Hill Farm
State of Maine Cheese Company


Berkshire Cheese Makers, LLC
Chase Hill Farm
Great Hill Dairy, Inc.
Manny's Dairy
Smith's Country Cheese
Westfield Farm, Inc.

New Hampshire

Boggy Meadow Farm Cheese
Robie Farm
Sandwich Creamery


Bingham's Farm
Blythedale Farm
Cabot Creamery
Champlain Valley Creamery, Ltd.
Cobb Hill Farm
Consider Bardwell Farm
Crowley Cheese Inc
Franklin Foods
Frog City Cheese
Grafton Village Cheese

Green Mountain Blue Cheese
Jasper Hill Farm
La Fromagerie du Royaume
Lakes End
Lazy Lady Farm
Neighborly Farms of Vermont
Orb Weaver Farm
Shelburne Farms
Sugarbush Farm
Taylor Farm

Thistle Hill Farm
Three Owls Farm
Three Shepherds of the Mad River Valley
Twig Farm
Vermont Butter & Cheese Company
Vermont Quality Dairies
West River Creamery
Willow Hill Farm, LLC